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Press Registration

Teresa Ewers
Media & Communications Director
(505) 433-7791


Deadline: Monday, July 5, 2019

Media requests and Press Passes are handled by Teresa Ewers of New Mexico
Entertainment Magazine. Passes are issued per media outlet and are non-transferable. A
media room will be available for interviews. Interviews need to be scheduled in advance
allowing the artists and/or celebrities to plan accordingly. Submitting an application does not
guarantee approval.
An email will also be sent in regards to where and when you can pick up your press pass.
Please ensure that the email address you provide to us is a working email address. We ask that
you also add to your preferred addresses so those emails arrive in
your inbox instead of your spam folder.
New Mexico Comic Expo™ reserves the right to approve or deny any application. This decision
is final and cannot be appealed. Include any and all information in your application that will allow
the New Mexico Comic Expo™ Press Office to make an informed decision, as you will not be
able to submit further information later on if your application is not approved.

● Your press pass does not allow you to cut lines.
● Your press pass does not allow early access into the building, special access or
guaranteed seating unless prior arrangements have been made.
● Your press pass does not allow free access into any events requiring an additional
● Each press pass is issued per media outlet. Names listed in group must check in
personally to received their pass. Individuals applying for an New Mexico Comic
Expo press pass may only apply once.
● There is no onsite registration. Press passes are limited in nature and issued only to
professional media outlets. Passes are not issued to children, family, or guests.
● Outlets will be expected to supply examples of work.

Press Passes for New Mexico Comic Expo are being made available for the following media

  • PRINT MEDIA: Includes local newspapers, national newspapers, college newspapers,
    magazines, etc…
  • TELEVISION & RADIO: Includes AM, FM, Satellite, Local and National TV
  • INTERNET PRESS: Passes for Internet press will be issued on a very limited case by case
    basis. We have a limited amount of press passes for internet only press, making it difficult to
    grant passes to everyone who makes a request. In order to even be considered for internet
    press credentials you must fit the following criteria:
    1. The website you are associated with must have been active for at least two years.
    2. Content must be original and updated on a regular basis.
    3. Proven community involvement/support for New Mexico Comic Expo or other comic
    conventions around New Mexico.
    4. Outlet must have at least two verifiable social media pages with a minimum 1,000
    followers per source (Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram.)
    5. Sites deemed offensive or antagonistic towards our fandom, guests or the event will not be approved.
    6. Internet press is limited to four passes per web outlet, and pass holders must work for
    the website in question and have verifiable credits. Please don’t try and pass your friend
    off as a photographer for the site, it may lead to not ever being considered for press
    credentials in the future.

NOTE: Having a press badge does not guarantee any interviews. You must schedule your
interviews through Teresa Ewers. Interviews are subject to change due to change in
We value our featured guests and strive to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for
them. We expect all those who receive press passes to also maintain this environment. If press
pass holders fail to live up to this standard, New Mexico Comic Expo reserves the right to
revoke press passes for the current event as well as for future events. Please show respect not
only for our featured guests, artists and attendees, but also New Mexico Comic Expo.

To apply, fill out the application form below. If you require any more information, please
email Teresa Ewers at .

● Press Registration for New Mexico Comic Expo™ will close on Friday, July 5, 2019, at
11:59 PM (MST). There will be NO on-site Press Registration. If you applied for a Press
Badge this year, you will hear back from New Mexico Entertainment by Friday, July 12,
● Your Press Badge does not allow early access, special access, or guaranteed seating
unless prior arrangements have been made.
● Your Press Badge does not allow you to cut lines.
● There is a limited supply of press credentials for this event. Credentials are issued on a
first come, first serve basis. Once all available credentials are issued there will be NO
more press passes available or issued.
● All Press/Media Registrations are subject to approval. You will be notified within the date
range based on the date you submitted your registration if you have been approved for a
Press Badge. If your registration is NOT approved, you will be notified and asked to
submit additional credentials. If you have been approved, additional information
regarding the press room and Badge distribution will be provided in your confirmation
● We highly recommend that you apply early as there is a chance that we will reach
maximum capacity for Press Badges to New Mexico Comic Expo™ prior to the deadline.
Once all Press Badges are allocated, no more will be released.
● Inappropriate or offensive behavior will result in the loss of press passes for this show
and all shows moving forward.
● Press credentials are good for all three days of the event. If you are approved for a
Press Badge, a separate email will be sent to you with more information on times and
days to pick up your credentials.
● There is a press room on site. Media will use this room for interviews and other media
related activities. The pressroom is for credentialed media members only . The
pressroom has tables, chairs, power outlets to plug in and work from and charge cell
phone batteries.
● All New Mexico Comic Expo™ media interview requests should be made through Teresa
Ewers. She can be reached at or (505) 433-7791.
● Media interviews need to be scheduled in advance. Failure to respect these wishes
may lead to loss of press credentials for this convention and possibly future conventions.
● Media will not be allowed in the celebrity green rooms.
● Media will have access to all public rooms
● Media will be admitted into panels as general admission as long as room capacity
allows. There will not be a designated press entrance for panels, so please make your
plans accordingly.
● Media can take photos or video during panels on a case by case basis. We ask that you
be courteous to attendees while taking video or photos and avoid standing in front of
other fans that are in attendance. Individual celebrities and agents have the right to deny
photos and video during panels. If a celebrity or agent makes this request we will notify
you prior to the event. Failure to comply with these requests may result in a loss of press
● For other panels in other rooms, the media is welcome to record audio and video.
● Media is responsible for its own parking